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About us

Gasper Family Farm is a small, diversified family farm growing food for Kansas City eaters.

Our foods include Raw Dairy, Grassfed Beef, Heritage Pork, Slow Grown Poultry (chicken, duck, goose), Eggs thereof, Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables, and many more. These are delivered weekly and monthly to KC area drop locations.

We hope you enjoy our food!

Pete, Susan, Daniel, Nathan, Timothy, Matthew, John, Ruth and Elizabeth Gasper

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Our Products

Grassfed Raw Dairy (Real Milk)

Our raw milk, cheese, butter, cream, yogurt, kefir, and colostrum come from grassfed dairy cows. This food is high in health building Omega-3's and CLA's. This is because our cows are raised and milked year round in their natural pasture environment using rotational grazing, low stress handling techniques, and low to no grain.

We are taking new customers! Our growing herd of dairy cattle calve year round and so we rarely run out of milk.

Our no-compromise dairy is focused on producing the healthiest, most nutrient dense food possible. We pasture year round and the cows are never confined. We only use traditional heritage breeds giving rich milk. We never use any pharmaceuticals, rBGH or other growth hormones on our dairy cows. We're also working back towards 100% grassfed production. We were grain free until the drought hit and pasture alone could no longer support good health. We fed only as much Non-GMO AND organic grain as is necessary to balance the nutrition in the grass while the pastures on our new farm improve. We feed for health not to push production.

In addition to the cow dairy we're investigating adding a small number of dairy goats to the farm to fill an ecological niche and provide raw goats milk and chevre. Email for details.

Organically Fed, Pastured Heritage Pork

Our organically fed, heritage breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs are raised naturally and humanly on pasture without chemicals or nose rings. Their strictly organic diet is made up of a combination of pasture, hay, fodder crops, grassfed dairy by-products from our own dairy, and locally grown organic grains. This unique combination of rare genetics and quality diet make for exquisite tasting pork. Our pigs are never confined and born on pasture. We do not use farrowing crates.

We are currently taking orders for Bulk Freezer Pork by the side or whole for 2015 pickup from the butcher. This is a live animal sale, purchased at weaning which we custom raise to butcher for you.

100% Grass-fed/Grass-finished Beef

Our 100% grassfed, naturally raised cattle that have spent their entire life on pasture. They have been fed only pasture, local hay, and non-grain forage crops and never any concentrates or grain sprouts. Like all our animals they are handled using low-stress techniques. The result is healthy, tasty beef high in Omega-3's and CLA's.

We are currently taking orders for Bulk Freezer Beef by the split-side, side, or whole. This is a live animal sale, delivered to the butcher for you, and cut according to your custom specifications to get beef how you like it.

Organically Fed, Pastured Whole Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture and only fed locally grown organic grains. We raise slower growing broiler breeds that take 12 to 16 weeks to reach butcher weight. Why? Slower growth means better flavor and avoids the health issues of the sickly Cornish cross birds found in most grocery stores and farmers markets. These wonderful tasting chickens are a nice balance of leg, thigh, and breast meat. We feed a custom mix feed without any added pharmaceuticals or arsenic. Folks regularly praise the exceptional taste and quality of our chicken.

Our 2015 chicken is available two ways: by a la carte ordering or our Chicken CSA. Visit our chicken page to learn more about our awesome tasting chicken and how to order. Do not delay, these will sell out well before butcher!

Pastured Chicken Eggs

Our acclaimed eggs are from our very small flock of pastured hens. These chickens spend their life on pasture foraging for bugs, seeds, and grass. They are supplemented with locally grown organic grain, organic mineral supplements to ensure nutritious eggs for your family.

Some stores sell eggs from 'vegetarian' chickens. But that is not their natural diet and is only possible if kept confined in cages or barns. Our heritage hens live on pasture year 'round eating a natural diet, including bugs and earthworms, to produce eggs of exceptional quality.

Pastured Duck & Duck Eggs

We keep a small flock of heritage breeds ducks. Our ducks roam the farm foraging and keeping the farm clear of ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes while producing exquisite eggs and meat. Their diet is supplemented with locally grown organic grain.

We'll be taking orders soon for our spring '15 batch of ducks. Learn more on our Visit our poultry page.

Duck eggs are richer and fuller tasting than most chicken eggs. We've been told these taste like chicken eggs used to taste. They are also soy and corn free.

Goose Meat & Eggs

In the spring we have a limited quantity of goose eggs available. (March - May)

We're taking names for the waiting list for '15 whole dressed goose. Given sufficient demand we'll do a batch of these.


In addition to the above products we carry many other items including raw honey, rabbit, hand-made knitted socks and more.


We produce a lot of different types of foods which by their nature are gotten to you by different methods. For more information see our order page or ask.

Monthly Meat Drop-off

We have a monthly drop-off in Overland Park, Lawrence, Ottawa, and Lousiburg where we meet folks with food that has been pre-ordered. Our weekly newsletter contains the current pricing, product availability, and drop-off schedule. To order, reply to that or call us at 913-723-3838. We are interested in meeting at other drop-off locations as demand warrants. See our drop-off order page for scheduling and order information.

Weekly Deliveries

Some of our more perishable products go up weekly to drop locations in Olathe and more for pickup at your convenience. Ask for details.

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Contact us

Contact us with questions or product inquiries! If you would like general information on product pricing and availability sign up for the newsletter.


The best way to get a hold of us is by email at

You can also call 913-723-3838. We are usually out farming and not available to speak via phone but you can text us in an emergency. If you do call and don't get us, please leave a voicemail. But it usually takes me a while to respond to VM and my cell provider is randomly slow about delivering them :(.

Mailing Address

Peter and Susan Gasper
11184 Antioch RD #337
Overland Park, KS 66210

Tours / Business Hours

We do not have a farm store nor business hours; all orders and deliveries are coordinated online.

We have recently relocated our farm from Linwood, KS to a homestead near Fort Scott, KS. Life is crazy busy building a farm from scratch and we are not generally available for farm tours. Our newsletter regularly has pictures of our farm and animals. Fort Scott is a quick hour drive south from Overland Park on US 69. You can get our products monthly and sometimes weekly at various drop locations in the Kansas City metro area and beyond.

Support the Farm



We are accepting donations. Many of our supporters are looking for ways to further our shared cause of restoring the local food economy while healing lives, lands, and livestock. We were asked to provide a function to accept donations. As an independent, sustainable farm we operate without the benefit of bank financing and government subsidies. Thank you for your support. Together we're making a difference!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Help us reduce waste by putting your unneeded or scrap goods back to work!. If you have any of the following materials that you no longer need email us and we'll arrange to pick them up or meet you at our drop-off:

  • 5 gal buckets
  • Wire racks (oven racks, shelving, etc)
  • Lumber
  • plastic grocery bags
  • Baking pans and cookie sheets
  • Cast iron cookware
  • Old hoses (can have holes)
  • Building Materials
  • tarps and/or heavy plastic sheeting
  • a-frame, plastic sign
  • egg cartons
  • glass jars with lids (any style)
  • chicken wire (roll ends even)
  • rope
  • newspapers & magazines